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Our lawyers advise clients in Frankfurt/Main, Germany-wide and internationally mainly in Intellectual Property Law (Trademark Law and Design Law), in Competition Law, Copyright Law, Media Law and Commercial and Corporate Law. More about our lawyers >>

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We support you in registering a trademark in Germany, the EU (community trademark) and internationally, conduct trademark searches and adivse in all aspects of Trademark Law. Besides, we support you in court and out-of-court proceedings regarding trademarks.

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Unfair Competition Law

You received a cease and desist letter on the grounds of violation of Unfair Competiton Law, want to prosecute competitors' unfair competition practises or to legally safeguard an advertising campain? We advise you in these and other matters of Unfair Competition Law.

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Internet and E-Commerce Law

We advise internet startups as well as established online retailers and service providers in all Internet Law and E-Commece Law questions.

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Labour Law

We advise employers in Labour Law-related questions such as drafting of employment contracts, termination of working relationships and social insurance legislation questions regarding a working relationship.

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Industrial Designs

Do you think about protecting your product's design and register an industrial design in Germany, the EU or internationally, take action against competitiors imitating your design or are being accused of violation of an industrial design?

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Copyright Law

We advise in all matters of Copyright and Media Law as movie, music and software licensing, regarding cease and desist letters on the grounds of Copyright law violations, and support you in enforcing your rights as an author or rights holder.

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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Whether you sell goods or provide services online or offline, we draft and review your General Terms and Conditions, making sure your GTC are consistent with legal requirements and are enforceable when it comes to legal action.

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Commercial and Corporate Law

We support you with company formation, restructuring and conversion and advise in all matters of Commercial, Contract and Corporate Law.

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