Financial accounting and bookkeeping from Frankfurt am Main: Professional service and individual advice for your corporate financial accounting

The aim of the financial accounting and bookkeeping carried out by us is to offer those who are self-employed and entrepreneurs promptly with as much transparency as possible about the numbers in their enterprises and businesses. Thanks to our individual financial bookkeeping service we can show you exactly where your business stands, and you can experience your financial accounting, bookkeeping and control in a new way; more efficient, more informative, and more transparent. We are glad to take time to answer your questions. No obligation, professional and cost free. Ask us, or arrange a meeting in our office in Frankfurt am Main, in order to optimise your financial accounting.

Optimisation of your financial accounting - Professional bookkeeping for your business!

The financial accounting and bookkeeping should be carried out at least monthly, although weekly is better. Within the financial accounting we can at the same time process the settlement transactions and the credit collection process (and invoicing) for our clients. A receivable becomes less and less valuable, the older it gets. Thanks to our timely reminder process, you improve your liquidity and bad debt losses are reduced. If your business has multiple locations, or you sell multiple products, or carry out different projects for your clients, it is advisable to integrate cost centre accounting in your financial accounting function.

More transparency for your operational performance indicators

This ensures more transparency in your numbers and allows for targeted decisions. There is also another important result from the optimisation of your finance accounting based on our bookkeeping; the calculation of the measurement basis for taxation.

We would be happy to create your financial accounting

Unusual? - It's not a problem for us!
The advantages are obvious: 

  • You will be supported in your company by our highly qualified bookkeeping staff
  • Acquisition of documents takes place in your company, but directly on our computers, so that our staff in the tax department always have access to your current data; therefore tax and business advice from our professional staff is possible at any time
  • precise business analysis by the day, current liquidity status
  • Execution of payment transactions and credit control; current open item control 

This is how the optimisation of the financial accounting for your business takes place

  • You bring to us the formerly popular and today now unusual shoebox with all your documents to Frankfurt
  • You bring to us monthly a pendulum folder, with all documents sorted, to Frankfurt
  • You get an internet access, protected via DATEV, you scan all documents in, and authorise your bank to transmit bank movements to us as well digitally via DATEV 

In cases 1 and 2 it will be more of a monthly or even annual accounting; in case 3, the accounting can be created weekly.

Through our financial accounting
you are always informed 

  • What is my current profit?
  • What is the book value of my investment?
  • Which stocks are still available?
  • What customer receivables do I have?
  • What do I owe to my suppliers and to my bank?
  • What has happened to my cash?
  • What is my equity?
  • How much tax do I now have to pay? 

Financial accounting from Frankfurt -
Our special service for you: 

  • Direct contact with an email address and direct dial
  • Delivery of documents via email or directly online
  • Electronic despatch or provision of all documents
  • Analyses can of course also take place in English
  • Time savings through digital capture of bank movements 

Your contact for financial accounting

Christian Falcenberg

tax consultant



Simon Bruno




We are available to you for any questions relating to financial accounting and bookkeeping topics.



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