Remote maintenance

DATEV Client- Remote-Support supports online collaboration between consultant and client. It is a remote support software and allows a direct link to be established.between two computers via any Internet access. The Client-Remote-Support provides remote access, that is, the remote computer can be viewed and controlled, together with a presentation mode, with its own screen content via Internet which can be presented to the communication partner. In addition, files can be exchanged during an existing connection.  


The Client-Remote-Support is not installed, but can be used right here in the download area. The Client-Remote-Support comprises two programme parts, one for the consultant and one for the client. Please select the consultant module, if you want to initiate the Remote Support session. That means you either want to remotely control a computer or present the screen content of your own computer.
You choose the customer module, when you are invited to a remote support session. This means your computer is controlled remotely or you want to follow the presentation of your communication partner.