Remote maintenance

New ways of cooperation

With remote client support, we offer you the possibility of establishing a direct connection from our office computer to your PC via the Internet. We can view and control your computer and support you as if we were at your office. In this way, we can jointly clarify questions about a booking procedure, a programme or an evaluation by telephone.

Benefit from the advantages:

  • Fast and flexible:
    You can continue working as quickly as possible and do not have to wait until we come to your premises.
  • Simple and uncomplicated:
    Follow along on the screen as a programme is used or a process is recorded.
  • Available free of charge:
    You don't have to install anything, but can use the programme immediately free of charge at or via one of the links below.

Your plus:

You get the help you need quickly - time and costs are reduced considerably. Just get in touch with us!