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LÜBECK & Kollegen, tax consultant partnership  

Represented by the shareholders Tax Consultant Harry G. Lübeck, Tax Consultant Simon Bruno and Tax Consultant Christian Falcenberg
Friedensstraße 11
D-60311 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 49 (0) 69-24 26 62-0
Telefax: 49 (0) 69-23 16 43
E-mail: email(at)

The legal title Tax Consultant was awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany. Competent professional association and authority: Chamber of Tax Consultants Hessen, Bleichstrasse 1, 60313 Frankfurt am Main. The profession of tax consultant is subject to the following professional regulations: Tax Consultancy Act (StBerG) Implementing the Tax Consultancy Act (DVStB), Professional Code of Tax Consultants (BOStB) Tax Consultant Fee Registration (StBGebV ). For the individual legislation see

The working professionals in Lübeck & Kollegen, Steuerberater GbR are insured with the HDI Versicherung AG, HDI-Platz 1, 30659 Hannover. Territorial application area (AVB WSR 558) is Germany, other European countries, Turkey and the countries of the territory of the former Soviet Union including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Insurance liability claims are covered (1) that may be asserted in courts of these countries and (2) from the breach or non-observance of the law of these countries. Worldwide for an amount equal to the statutory minimum sum insured for liability claims arising from the breach or non-compliance with international law as long as they have originated in business to business assistance concerning the tax legislation of those States in tax matters and the contract is based on German law. The insurance cover does not apply to liability claims which are made following activities carried out by offices, branches or other consultancy centres abroad.



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