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In accounting the same applies as for all other areas in your company: An optimal and well-organised collaboration between you and your agent leads to effective results. Digital document exchange offers the perfect basis for allowing you more time to take care of your core business. Digital documents are at the centre of the concept "Bookkeeping with a Future". First you digitise your paper documents by scanning them. Through the DATEV computer centre the digital documents automatically come directly to us in the office and can be further processed by our competent professional staff. We will introduce you to the benefits of the digital document booking with the following contents. You will be amazed how easy it is to keep your accounts with immediate effect.

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Your advantage with digital document booking

  • Independent of location and time - can be used globally
  • We provide the software you need via a USB stick
  • Remote support within known business hours
  • Simple, digital document exchange between your company and our firm facilitates your office work
  • You can use your digitised database of all your documents
  • Your documents are at all times in the company
  • Enterprise cockpit - Full transparency: Current daily open item list, and your company's liquidity, bank statements, invoicing output, document books and your payments
  • Evaluation archive for accounting & payroll
  • In addition, full overview of the management analysis, access to all accounts right to the document 

Digital Document Booking - The technical requirements for your business

The technical requirements for the use of our software and hardware for digital document posting are conceivably low. Your operation needs only a scanner and an internet connection. Without great technical knowledge, you will have completed the installation in a time frame of 15-30 minutes. From now on, it is necessary that your documents are scanned by you according to a fixed rhythm.

You will need:

  • a standard PC with an operating system of Micrososft Windows XP or later and
  • an internet connection with broadband access - important for the fastest possible transmission of data

What you should consider when scanning digital documents

All relevant supporting documents such as invoices received, invoices issued, bar vouchers, are provided with the appropriate cost centre and vendor number and recorded as a PDF file. The recording of accounting documents is carried out using a software provided by us, which will be on a USB slot. Credit card statements and expense reports must be submitted in paper form for the time being. After processing of the originals, the travel expenses are additionally provided as DATEV data export. The incoming and outgoing invoices are scanned and recorded in a digital invoice received and issued ledger, either weekly or more frequently. The remaining accounting documents for cash, credit card statements and expense reports are provided monthly by individual appointment.

Our services for businesses online from Lübeck in Frankfurt

  • Establishment and provision of software tools for the digital document transfer and payment processing for a workplace
  • Account assignment in Financial Accounting programme (monthly)
  • Evaluation of the supporting document by the Financial Accounting Programme
  • Run of fixed assets (monthly)
  • Provision for retrieval over enterprise online monthly:
    - Business assessment
    - Totals and balance lists
  • Open items lists customers/suppliers
  • Data transmission protocol for VAT returns to the tax office
  • Creation of remittances as an XML file for electronic payments process
  • You will receive, as much as you wish, regular analyses, for example standard analysis of business assessment, totals and balance lists, open items lists
  • Special charts of accounts can be used for doctors or certain other sectors
  • We can book all movements in the bank accounts electronically using BANKO. For this we need only to be able simply to retrieve online your bank statements which you would otherwise leave us as a printout. So costs and processing time are reduced 

Through our financial accounting
you are always informed 

  • What is my current profit?
  • What is the book value of my investment?
  • Which stocks are still available?
  • What customer receivables do I have?
  • What do I owe to my suppliers and to my bank?
  • What has happened to my cash?
  • What is my equity?
  • How much tax do I now have to pay? 

Financial accounting from Frankfurt -
Our special service for you: 

  • Direct contact with an email address and direct dial
  • Delivery of documents via email or directly online
  • Electronic despatch or making all documents available
  • Analyses can of course also take place in English
  • Time savings through digital capture of bank movements 

Your contact for Digital Document Booking

Christian Falcenberg

tax consultant



Simon Bruno

tax consultant



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